Tech Boot Camp for Educators:  Microsoft Office Basics

Microsoft Office in a Snap!  Get back to basics with this introductory class that incorporates the basics of word processing, spreadsheets, and presentations with online productivity tools.  Check out ZoomIt, shortcuts, templates, and other tips and tricks thatmake using Microsoft Office a snap.  

To access the Microsoft Training site which has an interactive download that shows differences between 2003 and 2007, click here.

To access the Microsoft Word 2007 training module, click here.

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Shortcut Dots Template
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Office Basics manual
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Mike Lerchenfeldt Math Flash Cards Example
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Tech Boot Camp for Educators:  Technology Tools for Writing

Writing papers has changed, and technology has evolved to make paper writing easier.  Whether you are taking a graduate course or require students to complete writing assignments in your classroom, there are many tools to aid the writing process.  Learn how to use Microsoft Word’s Track Changes feature.  Check out online citation makers, style guides and writing labs.  Cut your search time in half by using MEL, ERIC, and Google Scholar. Participants will learn to use the tools to make writing papers an educational endeavor, not a challenging chore!

Click here to access the site for Tech Tools 4 Writing.

Tech Boot Camp for Educators:  Computer Basics 

The evolution of technology makes it necessary for educators to troubleshoot their own hardware and software problems.  Technology tools and terms, printing, upgrades, file formats, and storage issues are all a part of learning what makes your desktop run.  Keyboarding, accessories, shortcuts, toolbars and troubleshooting are just a few of the topics covered.