Basic Technology Training for Educators...

Get the basic skills you need to integrate technology into your classroom!  Select from a wide variety of classes in the Tech Boot Camp series to gain skills you can take back to your classroom today. 

Tech Boot Camp is a technology series sponsored by the Instructional Technology Department at Macomb Intermediate School District.  For further information, or to find out about current courses, contact Dr. Jennifer Parker-Moore, Interactive Learning Consultant @

To register on-line go to: 
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ü        Look under “Instructional Technology” for the course.

Learn how to be more productive in your classroom with basic lessons in technology. 

Lessons are based on technology standards, which include:
*technology operations and concepts 
*digital citizenship
*creativity and innovation
*communication and collaboration
*research and information fluency
*critical thinking, problem solving and decision making

Michigan Educational Technology Standards


Technology Operations and Concepts
Basic Skills & Operations

·         Technology evolution, necessary upgrades, new tools
·         Hardware/software troubleshooting
·         Technology terms
·         Basic keyboarding
·         Storage – flash, network, CD, zip and more
·         Software uses and file formats
·         Accessories
·         Proofreading/Editing tools and keyboard shortcuts

Digital Citizenship
Social, Ethical and Human Issues
·         Acceptable Use
·         Internet Safety – communication, commerce and beyond
·         Unethical use, plagiarism, copyright infringement, privacy, spamming, viruses, and file sharing

Creativity and Innovation
Technology Productivity Tools

·         Advanced software features – charting, organizational charts, use of graphics, sound and video
·         Digital pictures – how to find, take, use, edit and share
·         Web 2.0
·         Online video sources
·         Creating mailing labels and using mail merge
·          Creating with Publisher – Awards, brochures, newsletters, fliers, and move
·         Basic Paper Writing and Editing tools – track changes, citation tools, formatting

Communication and Collaboration
Technology Communication

·         Email, blogs, wiki’s, RSS feeds, podcasting, videoconferencing, chat, and more
·         Building on-line courses: creation, basic elements, monitoring, and grading/evaluation
·         Enhancing Online Courses:  Discussion boards, threads, forums

Research and Information Fluency
Technology Research Tools

·         Educational databases
·         Meta-search tools and techniques
·         Internet Searching – Boolean and beyond
·         Web site evaluation – content, authority/credibility, usability/design, bias and purpose
·         Beware of Bogus and Hoax websites
·         Basics of Databases – create, populate, queries, forms, and reports

Critical Thinking, Problem Solving and Decision Making
Technology Problem Solving and Decision Making Tools

 ·         Tools of the trade: Technology equipment for the classroom
·         Basics of Spreadsheets – create, format, formulas, charting
·         Global 101 – Technology and Globalization