Tech Boot Camp for Educators:  Tools of the Trade

What types of technology tools are out there?  How can I use them in the classroom?  Digital cameras, scanners, clickers, pointers, projectors and scan converters - they all can be integrated in the classroom to jazz up lessons.  Learn how tech savvy educators incorporate these tools to make an exciting learning environment for their students.

Tech Boot Camp for Educators:  Global Technology & Google Earth

Explore how global technology initiatives - such as one laptop per child, holographic conferencing, virtual learning, and Google Earth - have changed learning.  Learn to use tools to support and enhance K -12 curriculums where the world comes alive for students as you explore local neighborhoods, Michigan, locations around the globe, and outer space.  Learn to use built-in tools such as navigation tools, place marks, measurement and path tools, and the built-in guided tours.  Explore and use teacher created tours from sites such as Google Lit Trips; then learn to create and save your own tours.  Enhance your tour place marks with text, video, and audio extensions.